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My Church

My Challenge

My Choice

Our Church

Our giving sustains our church building, for centuries a beautiful and sacred place dedicated to worship, prayer and witness. We see ourselves as a beacon of Christianity, especially for travellers on the A19.

Our giving sustains our clergy, here and across our diocese and helps train new clergy.

Our giving sustains our ministry, measured by every:

  • sick person visited
  • confirmation course run
  • school assembly taken
  • bereaved family comforted
  • baptism celebrated
  • sermon preached
  • Eucharist celebrated
  • person shown the love of Christ through our care, comfort and compassion

Our giving sustains mission both here in own villages and with people we may never meet but to whom we are able to give practical support through our ministry of giving.

Our Challenge

To cultivate what St Paul calls the grace of giving we need to think carefully about all we receive from God and prayerfully review our giving.

Our church needs an additional £160 per week in 2016 to sustain our building and clergy, our ministry and mission.  We rely entirely on donations like yours to sustain us. We receive no external funding.

To bridge our income gap and for our ministry to flourish we need the grace of giving. Raising £160 a week in a church as small as ours is a big challenge. We will need a range of people to respond generously. 

We are asking you to review your giving to the church in the light of this challenge. This may mean giving for the first time or increasing the amount that you give.

Please think about the target of £160 per week and think about what you can give towards it.

Our Choices

Our church planned giving scheme has 23 members.

If you are a tax payer, the church can recover the tax that you paid on your donation.

Is it time to join the planned giving scheme?

Giving to God’s work through the church should be a priority.

Our average planned giving scheme member gives £5.12 per week. In our Diocese, which includes poorer areas such as Middlesbrough,  the average is £8.94. Across England it is £11.22.

Is it time to increase your giving?

By far the best way to give to the church is by standing order. This means that donations come in a regular way, so that bills can always be paid.

Is it time to give by standing order?

The Bible teaches us to give a proportion of our income.

Is it time to give a proportion of what you receive?

Our Vision

In the coming year we hope to

  • review our mission to ensure that we are reaching everyone that we can
  • repair our beautiful ancient building
  • reorder our church to provide more space for services and concerts
  • expand our “Friends of Leake church” group to help more people stay in touch with us
  • hold social events to support our local community

To fulfil this vision, each week we will spend:

£331       to support the Diocese of York and on our share of clergy costs: pay, housing, training etc

£185       on our building: insurance, heat, light etc

£105       on mission plans for this year and on worship and ministry: for our congregation and wider community

Each week we will need:

£421       from our planned giving scheme

£35        from HMRC for Gift Aided giving and donations

£48        from fees: weddings, funerals etc

£117       from social events, our fundraising and other income streams

Thank you for helping to make this happen!

How Much?

How do we decide how much to give?

There is no one, easy answer for everyone. We are called to love God and our neighbour and our giving is an expression of that love.

This leaflet gives some clear guidance and there are very practical things we can do:

  • increase our giving to meet our church’s needs
  • join the planned giving scheme
  • optimise our giving using Gift Aid if we pay tax
  • change our giving to a standing order
  • make a legacy gift when we make our will
  • give proportionately – giving a percentage of our income

But at the end of the day how much to give is a thoughtful, prayerful decision only you can make. Love is generous, love is kind and love is selfless – we see that in all God gives to us; how will we respond?

To make your response to Giving in Grace, please click here.