For a medieval building, St Mary’s church is remarkably accessible!

Wheelchair Access.

Most visitors who use wheelchairs should not face any difficulty. The vast majority of the interior of the church is on one level.

There are some issues that wheelchair users should be aware of, but these should not prevent you from visiting. Firstly, there is a small step in the porch, but most wheelchairs seem to be able to clear this without difficulty.

Secondly, most visitors will enter by a small door cut within our medieval door, as shown here:

However, the larger door can be opened from within to give wheelchairs free access. You are welcome to open this, but if you are visiting outside of service times you will require an assistant to open this for you. Please close this door when you leave.

Inevitably, the age of the building means that some of our floors are a little uneven and the passageways are not always as wide as we would like, but the main aisles should present no difficulty.

There is an accessible toilet. This is in the second vestry i.e. the one opposite the entrance that you came in.

Other Support.

The church has a good PA system which we use at all services. There is a loop system. Large print hymn books are available.